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Illusion All Stars Team Logo Custom Die-Cut Sticker


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Illusion All Stars Team Custom Die-Cut Sticker Full-Color Decal, Printed Logo in Center in 3 Colors: Red, Softball Gold and Black.

Printed 3-Color Illusion All Stars Team Logo Features:
This is a stacked logo.
1) On top in a stylized, mysterious font is the text, "Illusion"; the lettering is filled with a gradient color going from red to black, with a white outline and a black edge. The letters, "I" and "n", drop down to the next line. The letters, "s" and "i", are facing backward. The "o" is an image of a golden-colored softball with red stitching.
2) In a bold font is the block lettering, "ALL STARS", with a red fill and a black outline for a 3-D effect. The "ALL STARS" text is encased in a series of graphic lines, gradually decreasing in thickness for an artistic appearance that attracts attention. Underneath a mirror effect is achieved by floating the "ALL STARS" text upside down, with a gradient coloring, from black to red.
3) On bottom multiple banners decoratively curve downward and slightly upward in a half-cut swirling pattern. These banners are filled with a gradient color ranging from softball gold to dark orange to black.

Size: 6" W x 4" H Full-Color Die Cut-to-Shape Sticker

These full-color digitally printed decals are specially die cut to shape. We overlaminate these decals so that they have a very high durability and will not fade over time. In addition, when you are ready to remove them, they come off a lot easier than everyone else's lower quality stickers.

  • Model: Illusion_AllStars-Logo_Sticker

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