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Stallions Navy Beanie, Embroidered Logo


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San Juan Hills High School Stallions Navy Beanie; Color Navy Blue; 2-Color Embroidered 'SJH Letters' Logo on Front.

Features 2-Color Embroidered 'SJH Letters' Logo on Front:
This is a stacked logo featuring the initials for "San Juan Hills". On the top is the letter, "H", intertwined with the letter below, "S". Finally on the bottom is the letter, "J", which is interlocked with the "H". All letters have a white fill and a vegas gold outline.

100% acrylic knit.
12" knit.
Adjustable cuff, shown as 3".
One size fits all.

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  • Model: SJH-Navy_Beanie_SP12_Emb-Logo

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