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Owls Microfiber Cinch Pack with Mesh Trim, Printed Logo


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Hidden Hills Elementary School Owls Microfiber Cinch Pack with Mesh Trim, Colors Royal Blue and Black, 4-Color Screenprint 'Horizon Logo'.

Features the 4-Color Screenprint 'Horizon Logo' on One Side:

1) On top of this logo is the vertically stacked text of "HIDDEN HILLS" and "ELEMENTARY" in royal blue, outlined in black and then in goldenrod for a three-dimensional effect.

2) To the side of the stacked text is an image of a wide-eyed owl sitting on a tree branch with foliage in a drawn-black outline. The color goldenrod appears on the owl mascot's beak, talons and iris of each eye. The whites of the owl's eyes are indeed white. The body and face of the owl are a light gray; its wings are a gradient from goldenrod to a light gray to black.

Just right for the field, tennis courts, beach or by the pool, this large cinch pack will hold shoes or clothes with ease.

100% polyester microfiber and 100% polyester air mesh.
Zippered front pocket.
PVC accents to reinforce bottom grommets.
Black drawcords.
Dimensions: 14.5"w x 18"h.

  • Model: Owls2ColorMicrofiberCinchBagBG81

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