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CVHS Heavyweight Stadium Seat, 3-Color 'Basketball Logo'


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Capistrano Valley High School Cougars Basketball Team Heavyweight Stadium Seat, Color Black, 3-Color Printed 'CV Logo' and 3-Color Printed 'Basketball Logo'.

Features a 3-Color 'CV Logo' Printed on Front:
This is the classic, collegiate letters logo of Capo Valley High School, featuring a 'C' intertwined with a 'V'. The letters have a golden-colored fill and are outlined in black with an outer edge of white.

Features a 3-Color 'Basketball Logo' Printed Below on Front:
The 'Basketball Logo' is composed of the large block letters, "CAP[image of an orange-colored basketball with black lines] VALLEY", in a gold-colored fill.

We found the finest of top stadium chairs and then decorated them with your team logo to make this a long term keeper. Once you see and feel the quality of our durable, built to stay tough and comfortable seats, you may think twice when it comes to standing up to cheer.

  • Model: CVHS_BBall_HeavyDutyStadiumChair

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